Introduction: An Old Preacher’s Manifesto

This is a blog post of my revised Kindle book available at for $2.99–and you can read it here for free. I used WordPress to revise the book, and am posting it here for people who don’t have a Kindle and don’t want to bother with a Kindle App for their PC or MacContinue reading “Introduction: An Old Preacher’s Manifesto”

The Way of Soul Is the Way of Life

As conscious egos, we are full partners with our unconscious (so-called because we are not conscious of her/him) Self in effecting a growing union of conscious with unconscious, incarnating it in our life, and creating a life worth living. The Psyche (Soul) needs us to be its hero, championing the unconscious with compassionate, mindful, awareness,Continue reading “The Way of Soul Is the Way of Life”

The Stone of Life

Find a stone that attracts you. Claim it as a sacred (to you, anyway) object of meditation. You are the stone carrier, the stonemason, the stone. You activate the power of the stone through reflection and realization. Spend time with the stone on a regular basis, cultivating a ritual of recognition and reorientation, with theContinue reading “The Stone of Life”

The Foundation of Good Religion

The foundation of all good religion,world-wide(Universal, should there proveto be religions in other partsof the universe)is expressed in the four primary symbolsof Christianity–devoid of the theology surrounding them:Bread, Wine, Water, Cross.The Water is the amniotic fluid of birth.Every birth is birth by “water (and blood) and spirit,”with the “spirit” being the spirit of life andContinue reading “The Foundation of Good Religion”

Symbols of Transformation

Carl Jung wrote a hefty book entitled “Symbols of Transformation,” and I like the title so much, I’m using it here. I trust that Dr. Jung would be kind in his response to my pilfering his term. Take all of the symbols of the Christian Church—the Bible, the Promised Land, the Manger, the Cross, theContinue reading “Symbols of Transformation”

The Fight for Life

We fight to free ourselves from the presumptions, assumptions, inferences, conjectures, speculations, suppositions, deductions, judgments, opinions and conclusions that form our perspective, force us to live in a world we generate from within, and prevent us from seeing things as they are. Compassionate, mindful, awareness transforms everything it perceives. May we all live to beContinue reading “The Fight for Life”

The Peace of God

There is no political solution to the religious problem—there is no solution at all. This was Jesus’ realization in the wilderness and in Gethsemane: There is no solution. The religious problem is the problem of religion, of all religions. It is the problem of seeing, hearing and understanding. It is the problem of “everyone justContinue reading “The Peace of God”

The Worst Thing About the Bible

The worst thing about the Bible is that it ends. The Bible can’t end! There is no stopping! The Bible is expanded by every life in every age. We are writing the Bible even now! Revelation continues! Revelation is ongoing! The Truth is always breaking in upon us anew! We are always saying, “Now, IContinue reading “The Worst Thing About the Bible”

Of Roles, Wants and Values

We have to consciously bear the pain of the contradiction between the requirements of the life we are living and the requirements of the life that is ours to live. We are born into a certain context. The time and place of our birth—the family, the society, and the culture we are born into—the intellectualContinue reading “Of Roles, Wants and Values”