Don’t Believe in God–BE God!

We take up the work of doing better by looking around. If this is the best God can do, God should be ashamed. And if this is not the best God can do, God should be ashamed. Or, letting the way things are work their magic on us, it could be that we have aContinue reading “Don’t Believe in God–BE God!”

Ditching Theology and Doctrine, Part 2

Christian theology and doctrine are grounded upon the assertion that Jesus died for our sins, erasing the supposed debt we owed to God for the original sin of the original parents of us all. None of which squares up in any way with what we know about the origin of the species. The Garden ofContinue reading “Ditching Theology and Doctrine, Part 2”

Ditching Theology and Doctrine, Part 1

Christian theology and doctrine—orthodox, reformed, or evangelical—are put forward in different ways by all variations of the Christian church as the way things actually are, with no alternative views allowed. The thing that makes you a Christian, according to Christians, is embracing Christian theology and doctrine—in a form expressed by a particular version of Christianity—believingContinue reading “Ditching Theology and Doctrine, Part 1”