The Meaning of Life

If anyone ever asks you, “What is the meaning of life?” Ask them, “What is the meaning of your question?” If they say, “What do you mean?” Answer: “Are you asking ‘What is the meaning of life?’ like you might ask, ‘What is the meaning of a rock?’ If they say, “Yes!” Ask them, “AreContinue reading “The Meaning of Life”

Grace, Karma, Karma, Grace

There is Grace and there is Karma. Karma is Grace kicking butt. When Jesus said, “Father, Forgive them, they know not what they do,” he was being Grace in action, compassionate and kind–on a cross: the inevitability of goodness crushed beneath the weight of power lusting for power, and, also, the power of unrelenting GraceContinue reading “Grace, Karma, Karma, Grace”

We Have To Be Right About What Matters Most

We have to know what matters most and be right about it–and serve it with our life, in each situation as it arises, all our life long. That is, as they say, “all there is to it.” It is like this: Whatever you love, cherish, adore, revere, honor, prize, esteem, treasure, value, acclaim…you know, likeContinue reading “We Have To Be Right About What Matters Most”

The Limits of Religion

Every institutional religious expression from Shaman rituals to high church–whether it is church or masque, temple or synagogue, or anything beyond or between–dirges and celebrations, everything said and done are aligned with what the people expect to hear and see. The limits of religion are the expectations of the people and the tolerance of theContinue reading “The Limits of Religion”

The Structure of Spiritual Reality

Jesus is an ink blot, and God is an optical illusion. So is the Tao—an ink blot, and an optical illusion. So is the Buddha. What we see depends upon how we look. Now you see it, now you don’t. Now it’s like this, now it’s like that. Sometimes it’s this way, and sometimes it’sContinue reading “The Structure of Spiritual Reality”

A Philosophy of Health

  What goes into being healthy? That is as rhetorical as a question can be. But, it sets up what is to follow.             A healthy lifestyle is more than eating well and exercising. It includes how we set limits, draw lines and establish boundaries—and bear the pain of living within them in conjunction withContinue reading “A Philosophy of Health”

Grounded, Centered, Focused, Awake, Aware, Alive

There are four things doubled into eight things:             Tao             Dharma             Kairos             Grace             Virtue             Vitality             Energy             Spirit             These eight things produce:             Harmony             Balance             Stability             Enabling us to be:             Grounded             Centered             Focused             Awake             Aware             Alive             All ofContinue reading “Grounded, Centered, Focused, Awake, Aware, Alive”