Mathematics and Poetry, All the Way Down

I lifted this from : “The earth’s axis wobble that causes the precession of the equinoxes is given as 25,920 years. Divided by the ancient number called “soss,” 60, which was used in calculations, results in 432. This number according to Joseph Campbell is a mythical archetype capable of appearing in anyone’s dreams. AContinue reading “Mathematics and Poetry, All the Way Down”

The Nature of Spiritual Reality III

We achieve balance by being connected with all things, and caring about all things equally—with no agenda, will or opinion, but with direction-that-can-be-changed and preference-that-can-be-laid-aside. Thus balanced, we are able to go in any direction, and do anything, in order to assist what needs to be done. We can make too much of balance, andContinue reading “The Nature of Spiritual Reality III”

The Nature of Spiritual Reality II

There is that which needs to be done which needs you to do it—which needs you to bring forth who you are, and what you have to offer. Do not withhold yourself from that which needs to be done. Trust yourself to it. It will lead you to life. It is the only thing thatContinue reading “The Nature of Spiritual Reality II”

The Nature of Spiritual Reality I

The foundation of Spiritual Reality is Emptiness/Stillness/Silence/Solitude—which are essential for Clarity.Emptiness is emptying ourselves of fear, desire, duty, agendas, opinions, beliefs, ambition, and all of the things that interfere with our being here, now. It is the space between breaths. Where connections are made, and awareness and realization come to life. Stillness/Silence/Solitude (Marianne Moore said,Continue reading “The Nature of Spiritual Reality I”

The Right Kind of Conversation

We do not talk to each other mindfully aware of what we are doing. Our talk revolves around news, weather, sports and commentary/opinion. When we talk about ourselves it is in the spirit of “look what has happened to me.” “I’m getting married, look at my engagement ring.” “I just lost my job, and don’tContinue reading “The Right Kind of Conversation”

Tools? Or, Props?

We live at cross-purposes. When the church says something is important, but then lives as though something else is important, it is called “hypocrisy.” In the world it is called “business as usual.” What we say is important in either place varies from person to person, from situation to situation, from time to time. WhatContinue reading “Tools? Or, Props?”

Communities of Innocence

We need help realizing, remembering, connecting with, and living out of the heart of what matters most. Yet, that’s the first thing to go—our connection with the heart of what matters most. We need a community to help us nourish, enable, sustain, and deepen our relationship with the heart of what matters most. We needContinue reading “Communities of Innocence”