Discernment and the Community of Innocence

Discernment is at the heart of all good religion, and all good science. It is at the heart of life itself. Anthony Stevens and John Price say, in their book, Evolutionary Psychiatry, that the Platonic meaning of the word “science” is “the discovery of things as they really are.” Jesus said, among other things thatContinue reading “Discernment and the Community of Innocence”

Outlets of Grace

We are here, Each one of us, All of us, Worldwide, To be outlets of grace. Grace is to be understood as “unmerited benevolence.” Unmerited kindness, generosity, compassion, thoughtfulness… An unmerited gift of exactly what is needed, Where it is needed, When it is needed, Delivered precisely how it is needed to be delivered. That’sContinue reading “Outlets of Grace”

Of Dreams and Glory, and What Are We Here For?

Joseph Campbell said, “Where you stumble and fall, there is the treasure.” The thing that prevents us from reaching our goal opens the way to the goal. We step into our life with a career plan, a blueprint for success and an itinerary in hand, checking off the milestones as we achieve them, on ourContinue reading “Of Dreams and Glory, and What Are We Here For?”

A Meditation on Light and Dark, Part 2

William Blake, in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, said, “Without contrary/Is no progression.” Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” The work that saves us and saves the world is the work of recognizing, accepting, integrating, and reconciling our contraries, contradictions, polarities and irreconcilable differences, within and without. White/Black, Light/Dark, Good/Evil, Right/Wrong are all dichotomies beggingContinue reading “A Meditation on Light and Dark, Part 2”

A Meditation on Light and Dark, Part 1

The Adams Family (You have to be old to know who I mean) were all nice people in their own way, but they were different. How different can we allow people to be? How different can we allow ourselves to be? How harmonized—how pasteurized and homogenized—do we have to be in order to be aContinue reading “A Meditation on Light and Dark, Part 1”

In Praise of a Second Life

When I ask, “What are you going to do with what remains of your life? How will you use your time in the time left for living?” I am met with blank expressions and empty eyes. Many, no, most, people don’t know what I’m talking about. Tomorrow is going to be just like yesterday forContinue reading “In Praise of a Second Life”

The Messiah Is NOT the Messiah!

Fred Craddock said, “The message of the Messiah is, ‘There is no Messiah!’” The Messiah is NOT the Messiah! Our life is our responsibility. We have to find our life and live it, with none to help or point the way. Well, not quite. We have all the help we need to find the way–Continue reading “The Messiah Is NOT the Messiah!”