This blog is indeed “home” to all of my published writings, either as eBooks available at the Kindle Store on Amazon, or as reflections accompanying my photographs on my Facebook page (“Jim Dollar’s Photography Page”) and on my Tumblr site.

All of the titles listed in the above menu, have drop down lists of chapters awaiting your perusal. It’s a lot to peruse. I like to think that some of it will be worth your time.

Here is a list of places my work is to be found on the Internet:

I quit talking to people when I retired,
because the only helpful thing
to offer others in conversation
is to listen to them.
When I am listening to them,
I am not listening to myself.

And, when I listen to myself,
I discover that I have
a lot of things to say.

So, I write a lot,
and put it out in the following places.
That is, I post what I have to say
in all of the following places,
more or less,
and it is there for you to peruse
as you will.

There are three sites on Facebook:

“Jim Dollar’s Photography Page,”
where everything goes first,
along with a photograph, or two,
sometimes three,
each day.

“The Non-Subscribing Church
of What’s Happening Now” page,
which is my idea of the church
as it ought to be,
where I post things that are mostly
not political,
but have to do with our spiritual
orientation to guidance and direction,
encouragement and support.

And my FB Timeline where I post
a repeat of the Photography Page
daily writings without the photograph
for people who don’t want an extra
click in their life.

I have a WordPress site
where what I post on FB eventually
ends up under “One Minute Monologues,”
in addition to all of my published pieces,
and an assortment of other collections.

I am regularly revising and updating
everything on the WP site,
and look forward to that continuing
throughout my remaining time on the planet.

My online photo gallery
is on Flickr,
a search for me there
should do it.


My published work is available
through the Kindle Store on Amazon,
and you can Google my name
at both WordPress and Amazon
for the link to each place.

I’m happy to have you with me on the path,
and hope you find what you need
to find what you need
all along the way.