One Minute Monologues 061

November 26, 2020  —  December 29, 2020   11/26/2020  —  Abbott Lake 09/27/2011 — Peaks of Otter, Blue Ridge Parkway, Bedford, Virginia What does thinking about sexkeep us from thinking aboutif we weren’t thinking about sex? What will Artificial Intelligencethink aboutwhen it progresses to the pointof being self-replicating,self-reproducing? It seems (to me)that thinking about sexis ourContinue reading “One Minute Monologues 061”

One Minute Monologues 060

October 27, 2020  —  November 25, 2020 10/27/2020  —  Monument Valley Sunrise 09/25/2007 — Monument Valley Tribal Park, Utah/Arizona Reframe the things you are ashamed of–your liabilities are assets unknown. Joseph Campbell said,“Where you stumble and fall,there lies the treasure!” Is it a weakness,or is it a strength?Is it better to winor to lose?Is itContinue reading “One Minute Monologues 060”

The 22-Acre Woods Project 04

01/29/2019  —  A Walk in the Woods 2018-12 01 Panorama — The 22-acre Woods, Indian Land, South Carolina, December 31, 2018 Every living thingdoes its thingas well as it canwithin the time and place,terms and conditions,nature and circumstancesof its life,as long as it lives,until it dies. That is the deal. It is our contract withContinue reading “The 22-Acre Woods Project 04”

The 22-Acre Woods Project 02

11/23/2018  —  A Walk in the Woods 2-18-11 07 Panorama — 22-acre Woods, Indian Land, South Carolina, November 10, 2018 I repeat myself a lotbecause I only have one thing to say: Wake up!Be quiet!Seek solitude!Revel in the silence!Listen—particularly to yourself!Listen to me when I say,“Don’t Listen to Me!Listen to You!” See what you lookContinue reading “The 22-Acre Woods Project 02”

The 22-Acre Woods Project 01

11/15/2018  —  A Walk in the Woods 2018-11 09 — 22-acre Woods, Indian Land, South Carolina, November 9, 2011 Jesus did not tell anyonewhat they expected to hear. The True Believersof his dayhad the Templeand 2,000 yearsof traditional understanding of—and faith in—The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And Jesus stood before themand said, “YouContinue reading “The 22-Acre Woods Project 01”

One Minute Monologues 59

September 21, 2020  —  October 26, 2020 09/21/2020  —  Portland Headlight 9/26/2005 — Portland, Maine You don’t want to be living your lifewith an agenda in handand a schedule at the ready,with every day being another boutat implementation. This is not to be in accord with the Tao. People who think they know best–particularly withContinue reading “One Minute Monologues 59”