Walking Two Paths at the Same Time

Distractions abound. I am continually amazed at, and dumbfounded by, how little it takes to switch me from the main track into the trackless wasteland. We have to be mindful of the distractions swirling around us, avoid those that can be avoided, wake up to those that blindside us, and bring ourselves back to theContinue reading “Walking Two Paths at the Same Time”

The Freedom to Be Here Now

We have been hearing from quantum physics over the recent past about the fluid nature of apparent reality, and how we invest facts and experience with meaning which colors the facts and the experience, becomes inseparable from them, and makes them into something more than they were by themselves, before we became involved with them.Continue reading “The Freedom to Be Here Now”

Outlets of Grace

We are here, Each one of us, All of us, Worldwide, To be outlets of grace. Grace is to be understood as “unmerited benevolence.” Unmerited kindness, generosity, compassion, thoughtfulness… An unmerited gift of exactly what is needed, Where it is needed, When it is needed, Delivered precisely how it is needed to be delivered. That’sContinue reading “Outlets of Grace”

The Messiah Is NOT the Messiah!

Fred Craddock said, “The message of the Messiah is, ‘There is no Messiah!’” The Messiah is NOT the Messiah! Our life is our responsibility. We have to find our life and live it, with none to help or point the way. Well, not quite. We have all the help we need to find the way–Continue reading “The Messiah Is NOT the Messiah!”

The Gospel Truth

I. Sometimes, the scenario runs like this: You have God and Jesus and the Undeserving Masses and Satan, of course. Then, there are the angels, the apostles, and the Holy Spirit to complete the scene. God is outrageously angry with the Masses for all the wrongs they have done (Never mind foreknowledge and omniscience whichContinue reading “The Gospel Truth”