The Nature of Spiritual Reality I

The foundation of Spiritual Reality is Emptiness/Stillness/Silence/Solitude—which are essential for Clarity.Emptiness is emptying ourselves of fear, desire, duty, agendas, opinions, beliefs, ambition, and all of the things that interfere with our being here, now. It is the space between breaths. Where connections are made, and awareness and realization come to life. Stillness/Silence/Solitude (Marianne Moore said,Continue reading “The Nature of Spiritual Reality I”

Tools? Or, Props?

We live at cross-purposes. When the church says something is important, but then lives as though something else is important, it is called “hypocrisy.” In the world it is called “business as usual.” What we say is important in either place varies from person to person, from situation to situation, from time to time. WhatContinue reading “Tools? Or, Props?”

Communities of Innocence

We need help realizing, remembering, connecting with, and living out of the heart of what matters most. Yet, that’s the first thing to go—our connection with the heart of what matters most. We need a community to help us nourish, enable, sustain, and deepen our relationship with the heart of what matters most. We needContinue reading “Communities of Innocence”

Doing Justice

If we are going to take spiritual growth seriously, we are going to have to take doing justice seriously. We’re going to have to get to work reforming society. It takes a revolution to bring justice to life. Justice doesn’t come about because everyone agrees that it ought to, or because everyone thinks it wouldContinue reading “Doing Justice”


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