Introduction: I Call This Poetry

This is the WordPress home of my Kindle eBook, I Call This Poetry available for $2.99 from Amazon, but here for free. I hope you find something here worth your time!

One Minute Monologues 058

August 10, 2020 — September 20, 2020 08/10/2020  —  Coming to terms with how things areis the unending task of life. In every moment,there is how things are nowand how we feel about how things are now. If it didn’t matter to us how things are,we would have no problemwith how things are. That’s howContinue reading “One Minute Monologues 058”

One Minute Monologues 056

April 20, 2020  —  June 22, 2020 04/20/2020  —  Tao is integrity. Integrity is the alignmentof ourselves with ourselves(our Original Nature)and of ourselves with our circumstances. When we live at odds with ourselvesfor the sake of our circumstances,we are out of alignment,out of accord with the Tao. When we live out of accord with ourContinue reading “One Minute Monologues 056”

One Minute Monologues 055

February 29, 2020  —  April 19, 2020 03/01/2020  —  Our heart is never far away. How attentive we are to heart,how well-suited we areto the service of heart,how faithful we arein our devotion to heart,all depends upon our concern for–and infatuation with–the 10,000 things. (“The 10,000 Things”are also called“The Dust Of The World”) What doContinue reading “One Minute Monologues 055”

One Minute Monologues 054

January 30, 2020  —  February 29, 2020 01/30/2020 —  Knowing what to doin any situationis a matter of opening ourselvesto the situation-as-it-is,to the situation-as-a-whole,and seeing what arises,what occurs to us,within. Living well flowsfrom living as objectively as possiblein each situation as it arises. The more subjective,judgmental,opinionated,insistent on having our waywe are,the less likely we aretoContinue reading “One Minute Monologues 054”


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