It is a curiosity of mine—I should have been a historian—that Republicans cannot be progressive, only regressive. A progressive Republican is a Democrat. A progressive Democrat is a Socialist. Republicans hate socialism so because they cannot go that far—cannot imagine being that progressive.

Socialism requires Republicans to love people, to care for them more than they care for themselves. An absolute impossibility. Republicans love on condition, care for people based on their worthiness and respectability. The people they care for deserve it and can be validated as deserving it.

Socialism’s sin, from the Republicans’ standpoint, is its Foundational Caring. Its Bedrock Caring. Caring comes first, is essential, the sine non qua of being human, and is, by definition, the one thing Republicans cannot comprehend.

It is obvious to me, at this point in time, that Republicans have regressed into Fascism, and Democrats are progressing into Socialism, and we need a three party system.

The New, regressive, Republicans need to be genuinely who they are and become Fascists. The old Republicans and the old Democrats need to come together as Democrats. And the new Democrats need to be Socialists.

This would create clear lines. We would no longer be confused as to what the names mean. Fascists and Socialists could square off, and Democrats could take the center ground and work for compromises, make the peace. It would be great. Well, not great, but better than the current state of affairs.

Of course, the Constitution is going to be a problem for the Fascists. The real problem for Fascists is that they are actually Anarchists. No Rules! Rules are in the way, and become binding in no time. They hate being bound, even to who they say they are. Bondage is slavery! And they hate the idea of being enslaved (But don’t mind enslaving everyone else—everyone else deserves it!).

The Rule of Law, which is the basis of the Constitution, is anathema to Fascists/Anarchists. There is simply no place for them in a Democracy. Fascism/Anarchy has to square up to that and quit kidding itself. It doesn’t belong here, and cannot stay. It must begone!

That leaves old Republicans and old Democrats banning together and the Socialists becoming Socialists. The Fascists have to leave the country, or take their hatred for it far underground, to sulk and console themselves with Dark Blogs and Terrorism, which is where they came from.

So, Fascism becomes the Far Right Enemy of the Free World, and the Free World settles itself into Democrats and Socialists, who wrestle with each other, and join sides in the eternal struggle with Fascism. The sides are drawn and the beat goes on.