I recommend, and would make it a requirement if I had the position and power to effect it, that we all interview ourselves—our Self—from time to time, in order to hear what we have to say, and to get to the bottom of things as they are at that particular point in our lives. Interviews conducted, and collected, over time, will amount to an autobiography of the soul/Self, which will have nothing to do with the bare physical facts of our life—where we lived, what we ate for breakfast, and how we spent our time each day—as one might get from a journal, or from a long list of Twitter entries.

Sit down with yourself and start asking questions—whatever questions occur to you to ask—and see what comes. You will find yourself talking to yourself—and talking back—in ways you never guessed would be possible. And saying things you had no idea were “in there” waiting to be said.

It is a grounding, centering, revealing way to reflect on your experience and foster new realizations. And, it is an excellent way of being clear about what is important at various times and places in your life—a way of tuning into what is happening within, and what needs to be done about it in bringing yourself forth in concrete and essential ways in the time and place of your living.

Here is what comes up in interviews I conduct with myself. I hope this will spur you to sit down with yourself—your Self—and catch up on what is going on, and on what you have to say that needs to be heard.

In time, I will post entries under the menu heading “The Interview” at the top of this page, check back, or Follow this blog, to know when new posts are available. Thanks for visiting!

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