1. We live too much in the pursuit of some idea of what life has to offer,

    and too little in the service of what life needs us to do.

    We are trying to get “our fair share”

    instead of simply offering what is ours to give.

    We have lived all these years

    with little or no sense of our gift, our genius, our life, our destiny.

    It’s time we got to work on these things,

    and find our life and live it in the time left for living.

    Let’s start with destiny.

    Destiny is not fate.

    Fate is how things are.

    Destiny is what we do with how things are.

    Fate is all we cannot change about our lives—

    when and where we were born,

    who our parents are,

    our genetic makeup,

    the “facts of our life.”

    Destiny is what we are called to do

    within the terms and conditions, the “facts,” of our life.

    Our destiny transforms our fate.

    If we turn our back on our destiny,

    all we are left with is our fate,

    which amounts to nothing more

    than what comes our way

    all our life long.

    To be alive in our life,

    we have to serve our destiny.

    We begin doing that by developing

    eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart that understands.

    We begin to live transparent to ourselves,

    and ask of all things,

    “Is this Me, or Not Me?”

    We intuit our way among our choices,

    feel our way along.

    We don’t follow someone else’s instructions.

    There is no map or a book of instructions.

    We begin by believing we have a destiny,

    a path with our name on it.

    We begin by believing in ourselves and

    in our life and your ability to come alive in the time left for living—

    by opening ourselves to our life,

    saying, “Here I am, now what?”

    and being alert to the white rabbits

    and gentle nudges

    that come our way.


  2. There is a problem with aligning ourselves with our destiny,

    with finding the life that is our life to live and living it in the time left for living.

    None of this is a left-brain pursuit.

    The culture is a left-brain culture.

    Our fundamental assumptions are left-brain assumptions.

    It is though we only have one brain, and it is the left hemisphere.

    Spirituality and destiny are right-brain matters.

    This means that there are no formulas, recipes, directions, instructions, etc.

    that proceed in a linear fashion,

    with a step by step outline and timetable

    from kindergarten to a graduate degree.

    There are no black footprints on the spiritual journey.

    We don’t find the life that is our life to live

    the way we find Wrigley Field.

    We have to learn a new approach.

    We have to live our way to the life we seek.

    The first thing we will notice is that there is no way to measure progress.

    There is no way to gauge success.

    There is no way to rank us according to our level of achievement

    in developing an affinity for our destiny.

    The first will be last, as the old saying goes.

    This is no way to run a business.

    This is not a business.

    You cannot market Destiny Finders, Inc. like it’s preparation for the SAT.

    All of which leaves us up in the air

    and in the dark about what to do

    and how to do it.

    Well, not completely.

    These Talks are hints at guidelines and directions.

    For instance: Get used to the idea that the search

    for our destiny and the life that is ours to live

    is a great walk-a-bout in the Outback.

    Signs are everywhere, pointing the way.

    We only have to learn to read them

    and remember how to play.


  3. People generally live out their lives

    with no idea of what they are doing.

    Following orders.

    Doing what they are told.

    At one with the crowd from the barn

    to the pasture,

    back to the barn.

    We do not live in the grip of a vision of mythic proportions.

    We do not know who we are,

    what we are to be about.

    And, we don’t care about knowing.

    We’re just looking for a little action—

    it doesn’t matter what kind of action.

    Just looking to pass a good time.

    Party? Did someone say “Party?”

    We’re always ready to party.

    We always find what we are looking for,

    Which is never what is looking for us.

    We forsake our destiny,

    and settle for our fate,

    and wonder why our life is empty,

    and our eyes are blank.