“The Underground” is my way of thinking about those engaged in the work to see, hear and understand–to look until they see, to listen until they hear, to inquire, reflect, explore, experience…to ask and keep on asking, to seek and keep on seeking, to knock and keep on knocking until they understand–in order to know what’s what and what to do in response, in each situation as it arises, all their life long.

I’m calling these “Short Talks,” because they are what I would say to you if we were talking. They are are words of encouragement, hope and direction for the journey of growing up into complete human beings, and transforming the world by the way we see it, relate to it, and carry ourselves through it. The path we tread is not linear but circular. We walk around where we are going, not to it. We see it out of the corner of our eye, not directly. And we talk about it with the symbols and metaphors that are beyond definition or explanation, yet live at the heart of art, music, poetry and imagination, and serve as the foundation of truth in every age.

The circle has no beginning and no end. It says again what it has already said, much like a waltz or a square dance repeats steps and songs repeat choruses. And it challenges us to rethink what we have already thought, and hold everything in suspension–in solution–awaiting further clarity, revision, realization, revelation, insight, understanding, interpretation…because what has been thought is always getting in the way of what needs to be thought, and preventing us from thinking the things that enable us to be what the moment needs us to be.

Here is a blessing to see you on your way, here, and there, and everywhere:

May you see what you look at.

May you hear what you listen to.

May you understand what’s what and what needs to be done about it

In each situation as it arises.

May you ask the questions that beg to be asked,

And say the things that cry out to be said,

And live with the wind of the Spirit that blows where it will

Always in your hair.

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