When you learned to ride a bicycle, did you

read up on the subject, and interview

old bicyclists in your neighborhood, or troop

across the country in search of the one

most learned and wise in the art,

hoping to gain an audience

in order to ask your burning questions

about balance and breaking?

Did you pour over the manuals of

bicycle repair, and memorize the

steps in the evolution of design and construction?

Did you take a course or two in Bicycle Theory?

Master the mathematics, the formulas, the equations and calculations

involved with propulsion and cornering?

Did you attend lectures? Take notes? Watch films?

Learn the names of those associated with the invention

and development of the wheeled machine

through velocipedes and Boneshakers,

Safetys, Fowlers, and Victor Spring Forks?

Or, did someone just put you on the seat

and push you off, saying something

on the order of:

“You may fall a few times, and

crash into a telephone pole or two,

but when you get it,

you’ll always have it”?

And, did something similar happen with

roller skating, and swimming, and rope jumping

and cart wheeling, and ball catching, and hop-scotching?


What’s with Bible study, and Guru worship, and

all the classes on Meditation and Enlightenment?

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