What would they have said—

the pioneer women—

if there had a place for them to unburden their souls–

to speak from the heart about their life,

and its impact upon them?

What would Native American women have said,

before the Trail of Tears,

and during,

and long after?

And, the men,

if they could have talked,

of the deep things,

felt but unthought,

because of no place to speak them?

What would Cro Magnon have said?


What lived unacknowledged through all those years,

in the souls’ of all those people,

with none to listen to agonies borne unsaid?

Is it too much to hope that they

are working it out even now,

through us,

in our nightmares,

and the moods that sweep over us for no reason—

the sadness, and despair, anguish, and depression?

If so, we should be honored.

to bear their grief,

and carry their sorrows,

as Rachel, weeping for her children

across the ages.

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