It’s likely that we will often

find ourselves feeling

as though we don’t know

what we are doing,

or what to do,

or where we are going—

at loose ends,


bobbing up and down

in our life

like ducks on the waves.

When that is the case,

the only thing to do is

wait it out—

remembering that what is also true is

that nothing lasts.

Everything is in flux,

on the way to something else.

It is only a matter of time

before how things appear to be

will appear to be something else.

What is also true is

that we will know

what to do

when the time for doing comes.

When the times require action,

we will be quite capable of acting—

of sizing things up,

assessing what is happening

and what needs to be done about it,

and doing it.

The ducks are resting on the waves,

waiting until it is time to take wing.

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