If we were going to create the church as it ought to be,

We would have to start of with the right kind of people.

It takes the church to make the church.

You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken poop,

As they like to say in the deep south,

Or, words to that effect.

In order to be the church,

The people who make up the church

Have to be busy being the church,

And I don’t mean singing in the choir,

Teaching Sunday School,

Attending Bible Studies,

Witnessing to other people about Jesus,

And going on mission trips.

I mean working their own, individual, personal program.

You have to be working the program.

The program is

Seeing, Hearing, Understanding, Knowing, Doing, Being.

Start with seeing.

You have to practice seeing what you look at,

Particularly when you look in the mirror.

Not just once or twice a week,

When you think about it,

Or feel like it,

But, all of the time.

You’ve heard of “praying constantly”?

Well, seeing constantly is equally important.

While you are doing that,

You have to hear what is being said,

And hearing what you are saying.

You have to understand what’s what.

You have to know what the deal is on every level.

You have to do what needs to be done in response

To the situation as it arises,

And you have to be who you are

In ways appropriate to the occasion.

You don’t have a church

Until everyone there is working this program.

You will notice,

There is nothing here about theology and doctrine.

That isn’t an oversight.

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