We have such little time to work with,

and so much work to do,

you would think we would be more careful,

more attentive,

more aware

of how thin is the line,

and how fine is the balance,

between having it made,

and having nothing at all—

of how easily generations have been lost

to the whims of mad leaders,

or nature’s sudden betrayal,

and how long the recovery.

The children of Troy’s heyday,

or Jerusalem’s,

did not watch their grandchildren

eat peeled grapes from satin pillows.

And the children of Pompey and Hiroshima

had no grandchildren.

We cannot be flip and casual

about our place in this world,

and have no reason to presume

that life will flow deeply and undisturbed

toward goals we admire.

Disruption is the rule.

The odds favor chaos and turmoil,

and Viking ships sailing into the harbor,

or the U.S. Calvary riding over the hill.

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