Sit and listen.

And evaluate what you hear.

Evaluating what you hear

Means listening deeper, further, additionally.

We’re always stopping too soon,

In a “I Get It-This-Ain’t-Getting-It-Done-Let’s-Go!” fashion.

Gotta get it done, you know.


It’s the American Way.

Nothing is wrong with sitting and listening,

And listening further.

If you aren’t listening yourself into a quandary,

You aren’t listening long enough.

You have to listen yourself to the other side.

When you can make equally strong cases for all sides,

THEN you are ready for the next step.

Sitting in the middle,

And waiting to see

What you decide

Needs to be done.

It takes time.

It is not the American Way.

It is counter-cultural as it gets.

Sitting and listening.

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