Our life is an operating manual detailing how to live our life.

We discover everything we need to know about living by living.


There is a catch.

We have to live mindfully, compassionately, aware of what is happening (within and without us),


What we do in response,

And what happens next.

We have to experience our life—

And our response to our life.

We have to pay attention—

Without judgment, will or opinion.

Only preference and direction are allowed.

Preference and direction will carry us into “NO!”

And then the work begins:

Placing ourselves in accord with the terms and conditions of our living

Is the work of waking up/growing up—

The work of enlightenment,

The work of LIFE.

That’s it.

If you follow these instructions,

You will have everything you need

To live the life that needs you to live it.

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