Life is always coming along, coming around, winking at us, flirting with us, asking us if we want to hang out with it for a while.

Is this thing really life or just another pretty face? It’s hard to know up front. We have to take a chance on it, spend some time with it, to be sure.

Or we can turn it down, and go back to reading our book. If it’s life, it will come back around in time.

The trouble with putting life off is that we get out of the practice of being alive, and settle into being mostly dead. It’s easier to stay dead that way.

Once we get used to being dead, we don’t notice life when it walks right up, and plants a big juicy wet one smack on our kisser.

We don’t need to be getting used to being dead. We need to be looking for life, waiting for life, ready for life, wondering where life is, and what’s taking so long.

While we wait for life to come around, we have to practice being alive, doing the things that are life for us, that have a charge to them. What excites us? Moves us? Do it!

We have to keep some charged things lying about so we can take them up and work on being alive. Cameras are charged for me. I take photos.

Ideas are charged for me. I write things down. Cooking is charged. I stir something up. Outside is charged. I take a walk. I practice being alive, waiting for life to drive up, and ask if I want to go for a ride.

I want to stay sharp, keep my edge, ready to tag along with life when it comes around, winking, blowing kisses, saying, “How about me, honey?”

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