We find our life and live it amid the 10,000 distractions.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, wealth and prosperity

Present themselves to us as “really living,”

Purport to be “what life is all about,”

Rob us of our attention and focus,

And leave us wondering what happened

To all the bright dreams

In the wasteland of our discontent.

It doesn’t turn out as planned,

And, that’s what we get for thinking we have a better idea

For our life

Than our life’s idea for itself.

“Be Quiet And Listen!”

Should be the first lesson upon leaving the womb.

But, by then, we already are not listening,

And have to live a long time

In the emptiness of our own making

Before we know we don’t know as much as we think we know,

And are ready, finally,

To be quiet and listen—

Past all of the distractions—

To the faint beating

Of the heart of life and being.

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