Fred Craddock said, “The message of the Messiah is, ‘There is no Messiah!'”

The Messiah is NOT the Messiah!

Our life is our responsibility.

We have to find our life and live it,

With none to help or point the way.

Well, not quite.

We have all the help we need to find the way–

IF we will but attend it!

IF we will but open ourselves to it!

IF we will but learn its language,

And spend the time necessary

On a regular basis

To listen!

All the help we need

Is as close as a heartbeat,

As near as our next breath.


There is a catch.

We have to give up our way

In order to be guided to the way.

We have to hand over our quest

For the life we have in mind for ourselves

In order to live the life our Self has in mind for us.

It is a dilemma as old as the ages

From whence we come.

All are called,

But few have what it takes to heed the directions

And find the way

To the life that is theirs to live

In synch with the heart of life and being.

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