The Buddha was not a Buddhist,

The Christ was not a Christian,

The Prophet was not a Muslim.

Our work is to BE the Buddha, not a Buddhist,

To BE the Christ, not a Christian,

To BE the Prophet, not a Muslim.

The work is simple:

Grow up,

Live transparent to yourself,

See what you look at,

Do what needs to be done

In each situation as it arises

With the gifts that are yours to give.

Throw out Doctrine,



Live in ways that are true to your Deep Self

And aligned with the life that only you can live,

With nothing to gain

And nothing to lose,

Completely free to do what needs to be done

As you determine that to be

After taking everything into account

That can be taken into account.

This is the work of a True Human Being—

Which we are all called to be.

Spitting image

Of the Buddha, the Christ, the Prophet.

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