There is us, and the life we are living, and the life that needs us to live it.

That’s it.

We have to be aware of it,

And get the ratios right—

How much for us,

How much for the life we are living,

How much for the life that is ours to live.

How much what?

Time and attention,

Devotion and loyalty,

Focus and concentration–

You know, that kind of thing…

We get to work at the points of conflict.

We generally don’t want anything to do with conflict,

So we dismiss, discount, deny and ignore it,

Thinking we can disappear it that way.


Conflict denied becomes symptoms overnight,

And it goes downhill from there.

To disappear our symptoms,

We have to be intently, and intensely, aware of conflict—

Dig into it,

Explore it,

Examine it,

Know it fully.

Bear the pain,

And work it out.

Make it work.

One conflict at a time.

Our conflicts are the path

To reconciliation, integration, unification, wholeness and peace–

When walked with mindful, compassionate, awareness.

It will kill us to deal with our conflicts,

And it will bring us to life.

It’s like death and resurrection.

You’ll have to trust me in this.

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