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This is a blog post of my revised Kindle book available at for $2.99–and you can read it here for free. I use WordPress to revise the book, and am posting it here for people who don’t have a Kindle and don’t want to bother with a Kindle App for their PC or Mac or Tablet, or who just like things that come with no strings attached.

This is a companion volume to An Old Preacher’s Manifesto, which is listed in the menu line above. All of the items in the menu line have a drop-down list of chapters, or sections, available by clicking on the respective titles. You can also keep up with additions as I post them by clicking on the “follow” button below.

The entire collection revolves around the theme “Finding Your Life And Living It.” My central thesis is we pop out of the womb without knowing who we are to become or what we are to be about, and we don’t get much help along the way. We aren’t even encouraged to ask the questions, much less to answer them.

But, goes the thesis, we all come packed with a daemon, a spirit, a soul, a psyche who knows. Our Unconscious is an ocean of knowledge waiting for us to take up sailing and diving, exploring, experimenting, seeking, searching, playing with invisible friends, picking up clues, putting things together and finding the way.

All of my writing is about the theme and the thesis. But. You have to be interested in the journey (That would be the Spiritual Journey, the Hero’s Journey, the Journey to the Center of Yourself) for any of this to be meaningful. So, if you start reading and can’t find a reason to go on, don’t. It isn’t for you. Don’t waste your time.

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