Friday, October 18, 2019

African House, Melrose Plantation

African House 04/29/2019 — Melrose Plantation, Cane River National Heritage Trail, Cane River National Creole Area, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, April 28, 2019

The worse thing we can do is dismiss,
nullify and void
the gift.

That leaves us to wander seeking
and satisfaction
among entertaining diversions,
and delights.

What are the chances?

The gift is the path
to all things worthwhile.
Serving it is our salvation.

Salvation is being right
about what is important,
and pledging ourselves to it
with liege loyalty and devotion
all our life long.

The gift awaits our allegiance,
even now.
Even still.
Even yet.

Finding and serving the gift
is as simple
as a shift in perspective.
Repentance is changing our mind
about what is important.

Stop thinking!
Stop evaluating!
Stop judging!
Stop having opinions!
Stop imposing your idea
of how things ought to be
on how things are!
Get out of your way!
Start noticing everything!
Notice your reaction to everything!
Notice what occurs to you!
Befriend your interests and inclinations!
Trust yourself to your leanings
and to the drift of your soul!

You have been ignoring directions
all your life.
Examine your discards.
Dig through your trash pile.
Follow hunches long buried.
And notions not acknowledged.

Wild hares have a lot in common
with white rabbits.
Look closer at the things
that catch your eye.
See how long it takes
to catch yourself smiling
for no reason,
and laughing aloud
at the wonder of it all.

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