What Kind of Person?

by Jim Dollar

What kind of person
would search Jesus out
and saddle up to him
in an off-hand kind of way
and begin with a polite,
“Ahem. Uh, Jesus,
I was wondering if maybe
I could talk to you about, hmm,
paying the price of my failure to be worthy of God’s love,
or, more to the point,
of my success in deserving God’s wrath
and the punishment of death and misery everlasting?

I hear you are perfect in every way,
and if you would be so willing,
I think it might be possible for God
to count your death as a substitute for my own.

I know it’s a lot to ask and all,
but I would be eternally grateful,
and would put a Jesus Fish
on the back of my car
and put a WWJD sticker on my windshield,
and wear a cross around my neck,
and call myself your disciple,
and devote my life to your cause,
and come up with new ways for you to help me,
like maybe with the rent,
or a new house all my own,
or a lifetime of prosperity and luxury,
but we’ll get to that later.
For now,
I’m just asking you to die for me.
What do you think?
Do you love me or not?”?

And, if that approach
would not be acceptable before Jesus died,
what makes it admirable after his death?
What kind of person lets Jesus die for him,
or her?
Is glad to say,
Thank you, LORD!

How do you like that guy?

How Bout That Jesus?

Lets all of us

Give JEEZZZUSS a nice round of applause!

Halleluiah! Amen!”?

If we wouldn’t think of suggesting it,
how does it become acceptable to say,
after the fact?

Does it come off better if we say,
“Well, if you insist,
if you must,
if you really want to,
if you are passing out free tickets,
okay, then,
I’ll be happy to have one,
if it will make you happy.
Nice of you Old Chap!

Oh, and could you do something
The man is driving me crazy!”?

Who wants to spend any time at all, much less eternity,
in the company of people
who are that guileless
and as happy to be held unaccountable
for their failure to be faithful
to the task of being human?

What kind of person
would want to be
found in the company
of that kind of person?

Just wondering.

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