To All Those Positioning Themselves To Destroy What They Can Of The World

Encouraged by a President who is acting out,
people are acting out all over–
bringing out the worst they are capable of
and parading it before the world
in a “I don’t give a damn,
or a shit,
or a rats ass
about anything–
see if you can beat this!”
kind of way.
Acting out is giving up!
Any fool can give up!
That doesn’t take any talent,
or any courage,
or any effort whatsoever!
If giving up is the best you think you can do,
think on it some more!
You owe it to yourself to find out
what you are made of,
what you are capable of,
what you may yet be and do and become!
Your life hasn’t pleased you,
that much is obvious.
Your life has disappointed you,
has failed to meet your expectations,
has broken your heart
and left you desolate,
without prospects,
or hope of ever having any,
and you feel as though you
have to take it out on somebody–
that somebody ought to pay!
Not you, of course.
You have already paid to the hilt.
Somebody else has to pay
for all the wrongs that have happened to you,
so you act out all those pent up resentments
and hatreds,
and kill as many as you can
before killing yourself
in one last burst of “FU WORLD!”
Before you do,
hear me out:
You are taking things much too seriously.
All that pain you have suffered for so long
has been made worse by the way you responded to it.
You are the key to your own future,
and always have been.
You’ve never had a break all your life,
yet doors stood open for you
all along the way,
open doors you never walked through
because they required things of you
you weren’t about to do.
You said “No, not me!” to every possibility.
You did not show up.
You did not pay attention.
You were not true to yourself
in spite of loudly proclaiming otherwise–
you betrayed yourself time and again
in the service of your wishes for yourself.
And you took everything, every slight, every perceived wrong, personally.
You had gifts you never used
because it meant you would have had to practice,
have had to work at it,
have had to pay the price of your own salvation.
And so, you paid the price of refusing to pay the price.
Given the choice between
doing what was hard
and doing it the hard way,
you chose the hard way,
and bitched about it the whole way,
and now you are going to shoot up the world
because it let you down.
You let you down,
and now you have one last chance
to turn things around,
by doing what’s hard at last:
Throwing away your guns
with which you were going to blow away
all you hated,
and accept the help that is available to you even now,
and do the work of finding and living
the life that you may yet live–
the life that has nothing to do with what you want,
but with what needs you to do it.
After all, what does wanting know?
Wanting got you to this place of throwing it all away.
Wanting betrayed you–
led you to think that you know what’s worth wanting,
what is worthwhile and what is not–
when all the while you know only what you think is worth your while,
and now we see that you don’t know what you think you know
because the best you can do on your own
is to throw it all away.
Now you are at the point of discovering you are not alone,
and never have been,
by allowing your life to take the lead
in showing you what can yet be
if you will but learn the way of following the way
that is opening before you even here, even now.
It calls for courage and risk-taking,
and the willingness to bet everything
on your ability to be what is needed of you
for the rest of your life,
and why not?
You are standing, here and now, ready to die
in protest of the sorriness of your life.
In moving beyond this point,
into the life that still may be,
you will have to “die” to your ideas
of how you wish things were–
so you have nothing to lose by taking a chance on your life
with help to assist you in finding the way
that is legitimately and truly your way,
even though it will ask everything of you.
You are here, now, about to throw everything away anyway.
So, throw it away in the service of hope,
in the service of your own good
and the good of the world.
Put the energy that once when into hatred
into exploring the possibilities for life
and serving the life calling you to live it
even now, even yet, even so!
You owe it to yourself
to find out if I know what I’m talking about.
Why die not knowing?

3 thoughts on “To All Those Positioning Themselves To Destroy What They Can Of The World

  1. SandyB says:

    I do hope those of us who need this read this. It is long, and repetative, but sometimes it takes many repetitions, saying truths differently, to get the point across. Thank you for your efforts.


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