Donald Trump’s Fan-atics

Three words come to mind as I struggle with why anyone would vote for Donald Trump:

Desperate Ignorant and Mean.

The three words do not apply equally to all of Trump’s supporters.

“Mean” may not apply to many of them.

“Desperate” and “Ignorant” would fit all that I have seen and heard.


Desperation drives the masses who would crown Donald King.

They are desperate for a place in a world where they no longer belong.

Theirs is a provincial, narrow, one dimensional world

that has no room in it for complexity, contradiction and lack of conformity.

Everyone in their world must be like everyone else in their world–

or pretend to be.

All that is foreign or different is detested and disallowed.

They would rush to “Build The Wall”

and ship the immigrants back where they come from

(never minding that they all are children of immigrants

and have no more business being here

than any of those they would deport and exclude),

and make everyone drink the same homogenized formula

for looking, if not being, like everyone else.

They are desperate for a world that is like they want their world to be,

and are, like Donald, stuck in a childhood world

of the Terrible Two’s,

insistent and demanding that they be given what they want RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!


Ignorance has nothing to do with education, or with intelligence,

and has everything to do with lack of awareness.

Ignorant people do not see what they look at.

Do not hear what they listen to.

Do not know what they are doing.

Think they are doing one thing when they are doing something else entirely.

Ignorant people are shrouded in a fog of illusion/delusion.

The world does not appear to them as it is,

but as they think it is

as they say it is,

as they believe it to be.

They are incapable of seeing themselves seeing,

hearing themselves hearing,

feeling themselves feeling,

sensing themselves sensing,

knowing themselves knowing,

understanding themselves understanding.

They are incapable of self-transparency

and self-reflection,

or reflection of any kind,

but they know what they know.

They know what they like and don’t like,

love and hate,

delight in and despise,

and can be talked into anything

by those who speak their language.


They don’t care what they do or who is hurt in their pursuit

of what is pleasing to them.

The end justifies all necessary means.

And some of them enjoy the pain, agony and anguish they inflict.

“Psychopath” would apply to enough of Trump’s followers

to make a volatile mix

when stirred and shaken with desperation and ignorance.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Fan-atics

  1. Diane Harrisdianedh says:

    One big problem that I’ve encountered is the fact that I can’t have a conversation with people who fit your above criteria. If we can’t have conversations, how can any issue become clearer? How can we, as a people grow to love, accept each other and assimilate different ideas in order to understand how we want to live? We are in an interesting era.
    We lived through the Cold War and the Cuban Missed crisis as well as other social ills. It will be interesting to meet this one with love and grace.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jimwdollar says:

    I think we have AM and FM here, or VHS and DVD… Jesus dealt with the same reality, and recommended, “When they ask you to leave town, walk away and don’t look back.” Or, words to that effect. Some people we can’t talk to. And that’s a problem. We know what happened to Jesus.


  3. Phillip E Roberts says:

    With doctrines in place as views dispersed,.
    We ponderd the better choice to make.,
    And as I see clearly what God Will have me do,
    The decisions made , and road I shall take,
    P. E. Roberts
    15 October 2016


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